Thank you for joining us at Piccolo Napoli. We are delighted you chose to dine with us today!

It is likely that you have heard about our fantastic thin crust pizza where we utilize ultra high-end “00” flour, house made pizza sauce made from whole California pear tomatoes (San Marazano style), house made pine-nut free pesto sauce, Niman Ranch sausage, local pepperoni, Mary’s hormone free sustainable chicken and other wonderful and wholesome ingredients.

Pizza at Piccolo Napoli is NOT FAST FOOD.  Just as in Italy, when our restaurant is humming with activity, it may take 30-45 minutes to make your pizza. We do not use frozen dough. We do not use machines to stamp out crust. We stretch each pizza by hand to order and you’ll notice that often your pizza won’t be a perfect circle but you will love the way it looks and tastes.

We make pizza true to tradition. On day one we start our yeast batch in the morning and then proceed by combining our ingredients in a low speed mixer. The dough then rests overnight in our walk-in refrigerator. On day two the dough is hand-kneaded into different size potions and put to rest overnight once again. Day three the dough is ready to be used. After you place your order one of our pizza cooks hand stretches and tosses your pizza to size and applies the requested sauce and toppings.

Please join us for dinner when you have time to enjoy your friends and family and relax with a glass of wine, beer or other beverage. Start with a salad or a family favorite – house made meatballs with beef, veal and pork – to take the edge off your hunger.  If your children are “starving” consider calling ahead. We will try to accommodate your group and have your pizza ready close to when you arrive.  Buon appetito e graze!